5 Years After ‘Party Rock’, Redfoo Keeps The Good Times Rollin’ With New Album


Redfoo is ready to turn the world into his own personal playground. Formerly one-half of the EDM/hip-hop duo LMFAO, the artist (who doesn’t mind being called ‘Foo’) has released his debut album, Party Rock Mansion, which is loosely based on his adventures at his abode of the same name. The effort comes almost five years since the duo’s 2011 album, Sorry For Party Rocking.

“It’s like Girls Gone Wild in the Party Rock Mansion!” he exclaimed. Foo is also bringing some of the musical influences from the past into today’s realm. This particular inspiration stems from his upbringing; for those out of the loop, Redfoo is the youngest son of the founder of Motown, Berry Gordy.

“Musically, I’m looking at what they [Motown] did,” Foo explained about how he approached creating songs for his debut LP, released this past March. His production process, as he describes, is similar to Motown’s process- utilizing funky beats and major chords that you can’t help but bop to.

Fans of LMFAO hits such as “Party Rock Anthem,” “Shots” and “Sexy And I Know It,” will come to find that the material on the album is on the a similar vibe but the formula has been updated. Foo has experimented with different genres, and was inspired by the different creatives who have spent time at the Party Rock Mansion with him. “Lights Out” incorporates a blues-style, rock-and-roll guitar with his signature electronic sound, while “Juicy Wiggle” is 50s-inspired, giving off the essence of a modern-day “Twist and Shout.”

Fans who are ready to get it poppin’ are sure to enjoy the twerk-friendly, “Booty Man,” while those who would rather mellow out will likely vibe with “Meet Her At Tomorrow.” What may be the most exciting aspect of the album, however, is the inclusion of living legend Stevie Wonder into the mix, who is featured in the song “Where The Sun Goes.”

“I had that idea [for including him] and I sent it to him, and he had it for like two weeks and he sent it back, and it was exactly what I wanted,” he gushed. “I got to hear it raw, just the harmonica, no reverb, and he’s amazing.” Also, if you’re looking forward to another dance craze as big as “The Shuffle” was, Foo assures that there are plenty of opportunities.

“I always think about that when I make a song, ‘what is the dance gonna be?’” he laughed. “We got some stuff on “Lights Out,” where we do this stutter shuffle step. It’s right to the melody.”

Making party music in today’s day and age is something that brings Foo unimaginable joy. He initially began playing the drums and experimenting with production after having his heart broken by a former flame, but after realizing how making music got him out of his emotional slump, he decided to keep it up in order to make others feel just as great.

“A lot of people start smoking cigarettes, a lot of people start drinking, going to the bar and stuff,” he began. “…what I did is I bought a drum set and I listened to 80s music, and I played, and I was, like, DJ’ing, and I said, ‘this is what I wanna make. This is how I’m gonna give back to the people. I’m gonna make this party music.’ It pulled me out of the depression, and then I’ve never been depressed since.”

His mission is to combine the concept of partying with the feeling of togetherness to make life one helluva celebration — and hopefully his new record can accomplish just that.

“[My intention] is to make the world a happier place, it’s to turn this planet into a “Party Rock,” because I think that “party” is a spiritual thing,” he explained. “It’s getting together with the people you love in celebration, in dance…and your favorite beverage.”