RLJ Entertainment To Stream ‘Nina’ For Black Music Month

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Black Music Month–or African-American Music Appreciation Month–isn’t over just yet. In fact, Robert Johnson’s latest platform will present one of this year’s most talked about films on the online streaming service, Urban Movie Channel.

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The chairman of RLJ Entertainment, who also distributed the film in April, launched the service in 2015. The company is hoping to become a “Black Netflix” with the presence of vintage stand-up from Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence to dramas from Mo’Nique and Robert Townsend.  Since the beginning of the celebratory  month, the UMC has aired movies and documentaries around music like Welcome To Blacroc and Hip-Hop Nation Vol. 1. 

The platform will also stream Nina on June 24, the Cynthia Mort directed biopic starring Zoe Saldana. The documentaries Tupac Shakur vs.Tupac and Shakur: Before I Wake will air on June 17. Hendrix on Hendrix will also air the same day as Nina. The film will tell the story of the famous guitarist through the eyes of his brother, Leon Hendrix.

Check out UMC on Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Prime and Roku. Find out more about UMC and their other film selections here.

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