Shad Moss Speaks On His Past Relationship With Ciara


Shad Moss stopped by VladTV for an interview and has nothing but good things to say about the newly signed IMG model, Ciara.

He speaks on initially putting the then new artist to the left, but it wasn’t until she started blowing up that he got himself together.

“It wasn’t until the Jay Z concert, she did some real boss sh*t,” Moss reflects. “T.I., Jay Z, they brought her up on the stage at the after party and I saw how she was dancing and sh*t,…I’m pissed.” He continues to say that after that moment, he got his act together the very next day.

The Fast and Furious star continued to sing Ciara’s praises, saying how proud he is and how deserving she is of everything that she has. When asked about how he felt about her situation with Future?

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“It’s an unfortunate situation for both parties. Being a father myself, I understand can really get under your skin. I think a lot of these women, not Ci(ara) because she doesn’t need the money, but I feel like a lot of these people rely on the system and a lot of these women think they can come up until they actually go in these courtrooms and it plays out.”

Even after expressing such a strong opinion about parenthood and the struggle, Moss wishes them the best and hopes that they will resolve their issues peacefully.

Watch the full video below: