Shaq As An Undercover Lyft Driver Is Proof There’s Still Good In The World


Shaquille O’Neal has made a name for himself as one of the NBA’s most dominant players. The retired Los Angeles Laker, who left the league with four rings, has also proven he’s one of the league’s funniest.

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In a three minute clip, the 44 year old stars as an “undercover” Lyft driver wearing an assortment of costumes that “mask” his true identity. Everything from a beret, which is allegedly supposed to make riders believe he’s French, to a long beard, black vest and bandana alluding to Shaq being a biker are all captured in the comical clip.

Despite his best attempts to up his side hustle as a Lyft driver, when you’re 7’1 and God knows how many pounds, you’re ability to “hide in the shadows” fades.

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Watch the hilarity below as Shaq cruises around Atlanta.  Our favorite is Afro Shaq with the Dashiki.