Shia LaBeouf Leads A Pack Of Wayward Runaways In ‘American Honey’ Trailer

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The trailer for Shia LaBeouf’s latest film, American Honey, premiered online Tuesday (June 21). The film, which won the grand jury award at Cannes, feels like it vaguely resembles traces of the actor’s off-kilter antics off camera. Directed by Andrea Arnold, the story chronicles the exploits of wayward teenagers who forge a meager living selling magazines door-to-door — and also stars Riley Keough and acting newcomer Sasha Lane

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In her big screen debut, Sasha Lane portrays Star, a teenage runaway who forges a bond with a group of wayward youths who travel in a van across America with the intent to make money and scam various customers throughout their cross-country odyssey. Along the way, Lane’s character forges a romantic relationship with Jake (as played by LaBeouf, inciting a significant amount of jealousy from Keough’s character, Krystal. Giving credence to the term life imitates art, LaBeouf recently made when he embarked on a hitchhiking trip across the country. 

Watch the trailer below.