Snoop Dogg’s First Pitch At Padres Game Didn’t Go According To Plan


Rappers are back at it again, on the baseball field.

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Snoop Dogg hit the San Diego Padres playing field to show off the flick of his wrist. The artist’s first ceremonial pitch was way off, with the ball floating in the air, far away from the strike zone and the catcher.

With the rapper’s love for football you would think his bad throw would’ve been more on point. Snoop Dogg got a good laugh out of the situation, as well as the MLB commentators, saying, “that’s a pitchout.”

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50 Cent also made the first ceremonial pitch at the Mets-Pirates game two years ago that turned out to be an epic fail. He fired shots back at those who made fun of his baller ability on Instagram.

Which rapper pitches better….Snoop Dogg or 50 Cent?

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