Stacey Dash Has An Interesting Take On How To Deal With Gun Control


Following the Orlando shooting, everyone from politicians to celebrities have shared their thoughts on preventing similar incidents from taking place. Fox News contributor Stacey Dash has been added to the list with a solution to give guns to everyone, well the good guys that is.

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Speaking with TMZ on Thursday (June 16,) the occasional actress explained,  “If more good guys had guns then maybe not as many people would’ve died.” Just who are these good guys you wonder? Dash doesn’t know either. “We need to carry our guns, because we don’t know what the enemy looks like anymore.”  Although, there is some validity behind Dash’s opinion, how she ended the already brief interview was far more confusing and questionable than her initial remarks.

Because her instant solution would more than likely bring more trouble, she proceeded to fall into maze of her own doing. “I think that’s false because the bad guys are going to have the guns anyway,” she said. “If you give the good guys the guns, they’re trained. They know how to use them.”

Check out Dash explain her flawed logic below.

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