Stephen Curry Responds To Comedic Jabs Of His Curry 2 Sneakers

Before Stephen Curry laced up to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers (June 10), his latest Under Armour offering, dubbed the Curry 2 Low “Chef” sneakers, made its way onto social media and unleashed a new level of comedy.

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It’s safe to say that the sneakers won’t make it into the possession of a few spectators, but for the Golden State Warrior, that doesn’t worry him. During a post-game press conference after Friday night’s match-up, the sharp shooter answered a reporter’s question on whether or not he wanted to wear his latest kicks during regulation.

“If I had them in the road bag I definitely would’ve worn them, show how fire they are,” Curry stoically said to a room of chuckles. “I love the nicknames, though, that they came up with, but I like ‘em.”

Curry’s brother, Seth, also likes his bro’s latest footwear, joining in on the Twitter extravaganza with his own promotion of the shoes.

The Warriors currently have the advantage over the Cavs after they bumped up their stance in the intense series 3-1. Game five will take place on GSW’s turf on Monday (June 13).

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In the meantime, check out a few amusing and witty tweets below.