Is The Supreme Court Banning Judge Joe Brown From The Bench Justifiable?


Joseph Brown, known to many as Judge Joe Brown for settling disputes on his CBS reality court show, and his campaign to become the Shelby County District Attorney General, has been banned from taking the stands in Tennessee, the Associated Press reports.

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The state bar believes he’s unfit to practice law for now, following his suffering from a health issue.

“He brought it to our attention,” said chief disciplinary counsel of the Board of Professional Responsibility, Sandy Garrett. “If a lawyer cannot successfully defend himself because of a disability, the proceeding cannot continue”

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Brown’s disability inactive status has been pending since October 2015, and will now prevent him from representing clients in the court of law. If he’s able to provide proof that he’s in fact capable of fulfilling his duties to the state’s Supreme Court, he will be allowed to move forward with his practice.

His production company, Celebritunity, released a statement writing, “Judge Brown is suffering from what hopefully will prove to be a temporary disability as a result of complications following from Type II Diabetes and the effects of prescribed medications for the condition, combined with hypertension and stress. Judge Brown urges others to preserve their health by having regular check-ups, following their doctor’s instructions, dieting properly and exercising regularly. He also wishes to thank his friends and fans for their expressions of concern and support.”

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