Premiere: Taye Johnson “Play With My Heart” Music Video


You may not have heard of Oxford, North Carolina before but the sleepy town has a bright star named Taye Johnson on the rise. As a youngster, he honed his skill singing at any chance he received from the the age of six.

“I’m a soul singer, first and foremost, everything I sing and write about is me, it’s what I feel, what I’m going through or something I’ve experienced, but my music itself is considered pop, modern-retro-pop-r&b,” says Taye about his music.

When the urge to spread his wings finally was too great to resist, Taye packed his bags for New York City in search of stardom. However, he soon realized the Big City of Dreams isn’t always the most welcoming place. But through the graces of God and some extra hard work, a few chance meetings put the soulful crooner in front of the right ears. But co-signs aren’t what makes Taye special. It’s his gift for delivering Motown flavored gems with a 2016 twist.

“Play with My Heart” serves as the the lead track from Taye’s upcoming debut album, which is also sprinkled with songs filled with influences from all genres of music.

Watch at he sings his heart out in the premiere of “Don’t Play With My Heart.”