Victim’s Parents Upset With Sentencing For Teen Who Killed Their Daughter After She Denied His Promposal


On Monday (June 6), Christopher Plaskon was sentenced to 25 years in prison for stabbing a classmate to death because she rejected his invitation to the junior prom.

Reportedly, Maren Sanchez was stabbed by Plaskon April 25, 2014, the morning of the junior prom, inside Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Conn. She suffered cuts to her face, neck and chest. Sanchez was later pronounced dead at Bridgeport Hospital.

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Sanchez’s parents expressed great frustration that the sentence will not be longer.

“The message that it sends is that if you commit a crime as heinous as murder in the state of Connecticut, you’re going to do very little time, you’re going to walk out with a college degree and you have your life back at one point,” says Joe Sanchez, Maren’s father.

Plaskon plead no contest to the murder charges. In accordance with new state juvenile sentencing laws in Connecticut, Plaskon will be eligible for parole in 13 years.