T.I. Gives Quick Advice To Troy Ave After Shooting Incident


T.I. is not here to gossip when it comes to the recent shooting incident during his performance at the Irving Plaza Nightclub in May. When asked about the case by TMZ reporters, T.I. turned down rumors by saying, “I’m not going to get into no discussion about any details of any criminal case of anybody, that’s what lawyers are for.” The shootout took place backstage with New York rapper, Troy Ave opening fire.

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The shooting left Troy’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, shot and killed. T.I. did mention that Troy is a good friend of his, and that all Troy needs to do is, “Keep God first, and you can pull through it.” T.I. knows a thing or two about facing charges, but when repeatedly asked about what Troy Ave needs to do, T.I. claims God is the answer to Troy’s problems.

Though serious illegal charges will take place, jailed Troy Ave is reportedly not going to be hit with a murder charge. The rapper declares his innocence despite the highly publicized reports and surveillance footage of the shootout that left one dead and three injured.

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Ave claims that the video is not what people should go by. Multiple felony charges are set against the rapper including one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon. Ave’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, plans to request that Ave be released on bail at his next hearing.

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