Trick Daddy’s Saliva-Filled Rant Is Basically Why Your Parents Shouldn’t Be On Facebook


Trick Daddy is the current topic of conversation thanks to his desire to voice his anger towards a certain someone through social media.

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On Monday evening (June 27,) Trick hopped on Facebook Live to threaten a woman who wasn’t a fan of his. In the past, the rapper has posted videos thoughts on life, ruffling a few feathers in the process. From the looks of it, a commenter took one of his rants personal and because we’re all caught in the rabbit hole of social media, the video below happened.

“Who this h** talking to? Tell that b***h I’m live!” the rapper said. “Tell that b***h to keep my name out your mouth, b***h…before I stick a pistol in your mouth. P***y a** hoe. You better keep my name out your muthaf**kin’ mouth, p***y a** b***h.”

The video hasn’t done much to calm down his problem, but it did bring out the woman he allegedly slammed.

It also caused comical reactions on Twitter.

From the looks of it, our elders are more enthralled in today’s technology than we are. Sadly,  everyone takes the L on this one.

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