Troy Ave Creates Light From A Dark Situation With Athletic Scholarship


In the midst and chaos that has come from the fatal shooting of B$B Banga, in a dispute that involved his friend Troy Ave and an unidentified suspect, some good has managed to come out of the situation. Troy Ave has established a scholarship fund in his late friend’s honor.

Banga was killed in late May, and evidence has been provided to the NYPD showing Troy Ave’s involvement in the shoot out that happened in Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert (May 25).

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Troy Ave now faces attempted murder charges, and even after his name and a few “friendships” have been run through the mud by the media, Troy Ave’s loyalty and love for his friend has not been lost.

The scholarship is an athletic grant that will award $2,000 annually to a New Utrecht High School recipient. Both Banga and Troy Ave attended the school years ago together. After speaking with his lawyer and his mother from jail on Monday (June 13) it was officially confirmed. In an interview with DNAInfo , Troy’s mother, Tracey Collins said, “When my son suggested [the scholarship] from jail I thought it was brilliant, Edgar (McPhatter’s nickname) would love it, it’s such a good way to represent him.”

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This year’s recipient was Giani Penso, the school’s defensive end, who has plans to attend Pace University as on outside linebacker. Troy has declared his innocence multiple times and claims that, “he is the victim in this case” having lost his friend and suffering a gunshot wound. He’s set to appear in court on  June 22