How Tyler, The Creator’s No F**ks Given Approach Appeals To Fans Beyond Music


Spotting a Tyler, The Creator fan isn’t an easy task. Sometimes there’s dead giveaways like a vibrantly-hued cap etched with his favorite four letter word (GOLF) or an unambiguous donut complete with sprinkles in a variation of pink, yellow, and blue. Sometimes the pairing of colorful calf-high socks and Old Skool Vans are a dead giveaway. Sometimes not.

But just like the rapper that has climbed to multi-hyphenate status in an inspiring stint, Tyler’s fan base comes in a wide range of skin tones, hair colors, hobbies, and style preferences. However, it’s clear the one thing that uniquely ties them together is the 25 year old’s no f**ks given attitude, whether it’s being spewed in his lyrics or sported on a cut and sew t-shirt.

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Just yesterday (June 11), 24 hours ahead of his highly-anticipated GOLFWANG fashion show debut, and hours before his Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival set, VIBE scoured the friendly farm grounds to ask festival-goers, and most importantly, self-proclaimed Tyler fans about how he has inspired them with his anti-fashion label.

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Liam, 20, Madison, WI

What brought you to Bonnaroo this year?
I’m here with a publication, taking photos and interviewing people, but I’m really excited to see Tyler, The Creator live. This will be my first time ever. I love his boisterous attitude that really comes through in his albums. I’m interested to see if that’s emulated through his live set, too.

Did you know he had a fashion show coming up?
I actually didn’t know a fashion show was happening, but I’m honestly not surprised. I love his brand. He dresses so dorky and kiddish, but he’s so out there and doesn’t care if anyone has anything to say. I think that’s what helps him stand out. His whole vision is about pushing boundaries and goes against what making cool things out of things that weren’t supposed to be cool.

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Sebastian, 20, Maryland

When was the first time you heard of Tyler, The Creator?
It all started for me with “Yonkers.” It was just so raw and dark and I had never heard anything like it. I was hooked instantly. Ever since it’s been OF. They were my first concert in Baltimore, and they changed my life.

Have you ever purchased any Odd Future or GOLFWANG merchandise?
I’m pretty much clueless to the fashion world, but I f**k his stuff. I’ve bought way too many clothing items from both. I like the fact that he’s honestly just some kid who had an idea and a vision and a group of friends and went for it.

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Nikita, 22, Athens, GA

Describe Tyler’s GOLFWANG brand in four words.
He gives no fucks!

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Brandon, 21, Augusta, GA

What’s the one thing you’re excited to see from the GOLFWANG fashion show? 
Tyler’s GOLFWANG collection is really colorful and really different from what’s out here. I enjoy his different viewpoint. I’m interested to see the creativity from his music reincarnate itself in the fashion show. Also, his music selection. I’m not sure what he’ll play because when you think he might do one thing, he goes and does something completely left.

Keira, 16, Arizona

What are your thoughts on Tyler’s style? 
I’ve never met him before but he seems like a super cool person. He just doesn’t give a s**t about what anyone thinks, and that’s really cool to me. That really comes across in his style, too.

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Sherane, 20, Orlando, FL

When did you first hear about Tyler?
My best friend put me to on to Tyler about a few years ago. We were watching Loiter Squad and I just fell in love. I’m a big music fan so I started listening to him. He’s just amazing; very blunt and honest about everything he does and what he wants to do.

Is there anything in particular that you enjoy about his personal style?
I admire his realness when it comes to style. It makes me want to be myself because he does whatever he wants.

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Sahli, 25, India

What do you enjoy most about Tyler’s style? 
It’s honestly not just his style, it’s just who he is as a person. I like the fact that he’s maintained and managed his business on his own. He’s not letting big labels take his money and tell him what to do. He’s very much independent and I think that’s what’s important for artists in general: Be honest about what you do. Don’t try to bullsh*t people. Although some people may fall for it, it won’t last too long.”

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Ivy, 20, Springfield, IL

What’s one thing you admire about Tyler’s sense of style?
I just really like that he’s his own person who does his own thing.

CREDIT: Stacy-Ann Ellis

Nate, 18, Murfreesboro, TN

How has Tyler’s style inspired you?
How different he is, is what drew me to him. I’m not really a fashion guy, but his style taught me not to give a f**k what other people think.