Tyler, The Creator Had A Lot Of Fun Remixing Zayn’s “Pillow Talk”


Tyler, the Creator just wants to create music with people who share a similar same creative vision. So future collaborators take note on what not to do when you speak to young Tyler.

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After reaching out to Zayn about a recording session back in 2015, there still seems to be no sign of it. In fact, Tyler tweeted out that Zayn “flaked on studio sessions twice.”

Clearly that’s not going to stop the rapper from working with Zayn, even if he’s all by himself. On Youtube, Tyler shared a video of himself having a good ol’ Tyler time to his remixed version of the singer’s hit song, “Pillow Talk.” He shows off a few shades of yellow items, including a pair of sandals that read “GOLF” and a lighter, as he dances around in — you guessed it — yellow. I think we just found out Tyler’s favorite color, guys.

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The video is accompanied by a message from Tyler claiming, “I HAD NO ART TO GO ALONG WITH THIS SO I RECORDED MYSELF DANCING TO IT. THEY MIGHT TAKE THIS DOWN.” From the looks of it, he didn’t need any art for this one.