UCLA Students Improvised In Locking Doors After Gunman Was Located On Campus


On Wednesday (June 1), the Los Angeles Police Department issued a lockdown after a shooting occurred in the engineering building on UCLA’s campus. The gunman in the murder-suicide stint has just been identified as Mainak Sarkar, who shot and killed UCLA’s little league coach, Professor William S. Klug, before committing suicide.

Police sources spoke with CNN, stating, “The shooting stemmed from a student-teacher dispute.”

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UCLA’s faculty and students on the campus are all still in shock about the event that took place on campus yesterday. They recall finding out about the situation through alerts and notifications via Twitter, texts, and emails.

Everyone on or near the campus immediately reacted with a fight or flight response. Unfortunately, the doors to some of the campus classrooms only opened outwards and didn’t have locks, forcing them to come up with a solution to protect themselves during the incident. The future engineers put their crafts to work and were very creative, attaching ropes, cords, strings, and lab apparatuses to the handle of the doors. Some even placed chairs, and printers in the hinges of the door.

LAPD are still following up on the murder-suicide. After investigating the home of the shooter, police found a “kill list.” Professor Klug was not the only name listed. LAPD found a women dead, whose name was located on Sarkar’s kill list as well.

UCLA officials will be reviewing all campus safety issues with their staff and students, and are offering counseling services to those in need.

The engineering building will remain closed, but classes will continue on other areas of the campus today.

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