Vic Mensa On Gun Control & Donald Trump: “Hate Begets Hate”


Vic Mensa has something to say about the Orlando massacre and presidential candidate Donald Trump’s response to the deadliest shooting in American history. In a recent interview with CNN, the There’s Alot Going On rapper criticizes Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric.

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“The hateful messages that Donald Trump is putting out into the world can only bring hate back. Hate begets hate. Violence begets violence,” he said. “His hateful messages and the idea of banning all Muslims — that just alienates people and makes them feel unwanted, and that is making the idea of ISIS and terrorist attacks like this more attractive to people who think society doesn’t want them.”

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He also expressed that a Muslim ban would not have prevented the mass killing that left 50 dead at the Pulse nightclub but stricter gun control may have. While he doesn’t insist that the United States should repeal the Second Amendment, he does believe that the country needs to monitor who is purchasing weapons.

“This is somebody that’s been marked for terrorist activities by the FBI, but somehow he’s able to buy a gun,” Mensa said of shooter Omar Mateen. “That’s ridiculous.”