7 Reasons Why Desiigner Could Become The Biggest New York Rapper In Recent History


Brooklyn rapper Desiigner has been on a mind blowing journey as his stock continues to pick up value — thanks to one song named after a wild animal. And he doesn’t care whose toes he steps on along the way. After he introduced “Panda” to the world, the numerous remixes, live performances, parodies, and “alternative” versions have kept the Internet alive with anticipation for what’s in store for the Bed-Stuy bred artist.

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The 19-year-old rapper is making all the right moves in proving that his golden potential will defeat the lingering ghosts of artists like Khia and MIMS, who spawned huge hits but quickly faded away. Under the watchful eyes of Kanye and Pusha T, he wants to demolish the odds stacked up against him. As his debut mixtape New English spreads across the Internet like wildfire — nand his “Timmy Tuner” freestyle evolves into the follow-up single to “Panda –” fans and critics alike are still on the fence about what lies ahead for the G.O.O.D Music signee.

History predicts that the “Panda” phenomenon won’t last long. However, Desiigner, born Sidney Royel Selby, is out to overcome the labels people are already throwing on his name.

Here’s seven reasons why Desiigner could very well become the biggest New York rapper in recent history.