Walk In Wiki’s Shoes For One Day In His “3 Stories” Video


Late last year, New York City’s Wiki released his knockin’ mixtape Lil Me. The project proved that there’s still some NY natives dedicated to preserving the old New York.

Hearing the calls from fans, the lyricist dropped a new video for the Kaytranada-produced, “3 Stories.” The animated visuals follows a day in the life of Wiki. First, he hooks up with a girl for private time, and then later he gets tipsy with some friends before doing his best to not hurl in the cab ride home.

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The story is so vivid that even without the movie, fans could picture Wiki doing everything he raps about in “3 Stories.” Lyrics to go!

If you are a fan of that boom-bap and pure lyricism era, then Wiki is for you.

Peep the video above.

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