Woman Runs Down The Street Naked After Fleeing From Her Rapist


Keyvin Gill, 27, of Massachusetts hid his head in court Monday afternoon (June 20) after being accused of kidnapping, raping and burning his girlfriend.

Gill, who is known by the name “Ghetto” was arrested Friday (June 17) after police responded to reports of a woman running down the street naked. When officers arrived at the scene, they found the woman crying sitting atop a stoop wearing a stranger’s sweater with ligature marks on her ankles and wrist.

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She told me that her boyfriend ‘Ghetto’ tried to kill her and tied her up,” Officer Ariel Montas wrote in a police report. The victim, who has not been identified, survived the ordeal due to sheer will power and love for her child.

“I’m not dying today. I’m going to see my daughters,” the victim said.

After being taken to the hospital, the woman told Officer Montas she had been dating Gill for about a year. However, throughout their relationship the victim says Gill became violent but she stayed because she hoped he’d change.

Last Wednesday, Gill became violent again, accusing her of smoking marijuana. Then on Friday, he pulled out his gun and accused her of cheating, which is when he raped her.

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Gill reportedly told the victim he was going to wait until her daughters went to school so she could say goodbye before killing her. He then tied her arms and wrists with clothes and burnt her with a lit cigarette.

When Gill fell asleep the victim used the opportunity to make a run towards safety and freedom. Gill was later taken into custody only after being Tasered and bit by a police dog. He was later charged with rape, kidnapping, possession of stolen property, domestic assault and battery, possession of a firearm without firearm identification, resisting arrest and mayhem.

Gill is due back in court June 29.

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