YG Explains Why He Went Vegan In ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview


When Compton rapper YG showed up to the Breakfast Club to be interviewed, he disclosed something that surprised Charlamagne and Angela Yee about his health.

“I went vegan. It’s hard to stay vegan and eat right when you’re moving around so much, but I’ve been off that alkaline water heavy, though,” he shared.

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When asked why he became a vegan by Charlamagne, the Cali native said, “Just seeing people getting cancer and dying from it, and me hearing that that’s the stuff that we put inside of us is what’s causing this cancer….it was my peoples who passed from cancer. I’m asking around like, ‘Where this cancer s— coming from?’ Everything we eat–the processed food and the stuff they put inside it.”

YG also disclosed that his daughter is following in his clean eating habits. “She don’t eat too much of that stuff,” he said. “All organic.”

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YG also discusses recording “Who Shot Me” on his Still Brazy album, a song that was recorded after his video shoot was interrupted by gunshots in Compton. “I’m out here moving because I don’t know where that came from. I’m extra paranoid. I don’t like living like that, you feel me?”

Peep more of the interview below.