Watch YG Have A Therapy Session About His Paranoia, Getting Shot, His Family & More


YG is fresh off the release of his new album, Still Brazy, but is still trying to heal his inner wounds.

As with the L.A. rapper’s debut project, My Krazy Life, his latest album is extremely vivid and cohesive about gang life in Compton. One of the issues that remains consistent is his paranoia over getting shot and not knowing who the attackers are. Thanks to Noisey’s Viceland squad, YG sat with a therapist to expose his true feelings about the drama in his life.

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During the sitdown, YG discussed his newfound fame, his relationship with his mom, daughter, and dad. YG also discussed going astray after his dad went to prison. The therapist offered sp,e profound insight into YG’s life, and the West Coast rapper seems to take the information in.

Watch the clip in its entirety above.

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