50 Cent Attends A Casting Call For ‘Star Wars’ And It’s Hilarious

Grab your swords, Star Wars is back like never before.

There have been rumors of a spin-off Star Wars trilogy, and television host Conan O’Brien decided to depict the film in his own way. He gathered celebrities to audition for the role of young Han Solo, and this humorous clip of their auditions just might leave you in tears.

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Working hard to land the major role in the film, 50 Cent, Melissa McCarthy, Adam Sandler, and other celebrities went above and beyond during the casting call. Their creativity skills were put to the test, and they put on some of their best acts yet.

50 Cent showed up for the role in full Han Solo attire, and his security guard was right by his side just in case things got a little out of control. The director yelled “no” each time he gave the role a try, that led Fifty to grow frustrated, stating “Man, what the f**k you want me to do. Tell me what you want.”

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Watch the celebrities give their best shot at Han Solo.

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