50 Cent Says He’s On His Way To Becoming The Next Tyler Perry

50 Cent is ready for his entertainment industry takeover. Otherwise known as Curtis Jackson III, the veteran rapper is successfully juggling the roles of actor and executive producer on Power, which soared to new heights with its grand return to the small screen this month.

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The season 3 debut attracted 2.26 million viewers, the most-watched episode of a STARZ original in the network’s history. On the heels of shattering records, the Power cast and crew had yet another reason to celebrate after STARZ renewed the series for two additional seasons.

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Now, Fifty wants the world to know this is only the beginning. The G-Unit veteran took to Instagram to boast about the good news and even hinted that he’s on the road to becoming the next Tyler Perry.

With a new show in the works, according to a follow up post, time will reveal if his prediction is valid.

Working on my New show. B.M.F 💰blowing money Fast💨 #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO

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