Rev. Al Sharpton Says Dallas Shooter’s Actions Were ‘Morally Reprehensible’


Rev. Al Sharpton has been an influential voice in the fight for the acquisition of equality and civil rights for African Americans for decades. Sharpton’s activism reaches back to the late 1960s, and he has demonstrated his political endurance in nationally impactful cases such as Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner.

The recent deaths of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, both at the hands of police officers, has ignited outrage throughout the nation. These uprisings reached a fatal climax when five officers were killed during a protest in Dallas, Texas earlier this week by a sniper who has been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson. When asked by TMZ how he felt about the eruption of violence in Dallas, Sharpton referred to the shooting as a “despicable act.” The Brooklyn native also had a few choice words he would’ve liked to tell Johnson, who was killed by police shortly after the attack.

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“Not only is what you did morally reprehensible, and not only what you did antithetical to Dr. King and others that fought to put us here, you’ve also in many ways hurt a movement that is saying ‘We are against killing and violence,’ and you’ve prolonged–you’ve taken this whole movement to where we’ve got to deal with you and what you’re doing rather than to keep our focus on the victims that we feel should have never been killed,” Sharpton said.

The reverend is definitely in the running for most powerful read of the year.