Artist Covers Triple S Food Mart With Mural Of Alton Sterling

The city of Baton Rouge, La., is keeping Alton Sterling’s spirit alive. The community, friends, and family came out to the 37-year-old’s vigil, outside the convenience store he was fatally shot at by police officers, to mourn his death.

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Abdullah Muflahi, the owner of Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge, allowed artist Jo Hines to spray paint a mural of Sterling outside the store. Hines held a picture of the slain victim in his left hand, while his right got busy with the spray can, evolving into a simple portrait that’s a work of art.

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One of Alton Sterling’s sons looks at his father’s photo and the artist drawing on the spot where Sterling died.

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Muflahi built a special bond with Sterling after meeting him six years ago, and gave him permission to set up his personal stand outside the store selling DVD’s and CD’s. This was his daily hustle to make a living and provide for his family.

The community is asking for justice and peace in this devastating situation.

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