A$AP Rocky Speaks On Controversial Remarks On ‘The Breakfast Club’

A$AP Rocky has been under fire this past week, when comments from a Time Out New York interview in September of 2015 generated a negative public reaction.

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The Harlem native has not been on “The Breakfast Club” since 2013 and doesn’t usually address the rumors, but felt he had to clear up his comments that were misconstrued in light of the recent unfortunate events. At the time, he was going through losing one of his friends. The person conducting the interview was an older European man, and Rocky didn’t want to address those kind of questions with someone from London who would not understand.

“You get frustrated,” he said, adding, “I feel terrible as a black man and as an American,” regarding how people perceived his views on the Black Lives Matter movement. His words were misrepresented, as he wanted to speak about what he currently was going through.

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The 27-year-old talked about how him being himself is knocking down doors. Fashion has its racism, like every industry. “I want the next ASAP Rocky to do it twice as big.”

“I empower so many different people, ASAP Worldwide is about putting on all people,” he later added. “I’m about everybody.” He looks at things differently since traveling the world and living and working in different environments. Some people are oblivious as products of their environments in the hood.

Stephen Jackson also went at the “Fashion Killa,” saying he can’t use the word “trill” anymore, as he’s not from Texas.

Overall, the new face of Dior just wanted to spread peace and love in the world. “I love all people,” he said. “It’s about all of us coming together.”

Check out the entire interview below.