Atlanta News Producer Fired For Threatening Rant Against Black Lives Matter Supporters

Charles Beau Menefee, a news producer and photojournalist for CBS46 in Atlanta, Ga., has been fired after he went on a Facebook rant spewing disgusting remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement, and suggesting violence against protestors several times.

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“BLM is blocking the street…But I have a solution!” Menefee said in one post. “How about we box everyone in and drop a f**king bomb on it?”

CREDIT: Bossip via Facebook

In subsequent posts, Menefee referred to protestors as “unevolved, uncivilized turds,” and called Alton Sterling “an armed ignorant piece of s**t with a gold grill in his mouth.” He also said that it would be “cool” if someone “rained gunfire down” on protestors.

CREDIT: Bossip via Facebook
CREDIT: Bossip via Facebook

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has confirmed via the general manager of CBS46, Mark Pimental, that Menefee has been fired. His Facebook page has also been deleted.