Baby Future Calling Russell Wilson “Papa” Ignites Twitter Debate On Stepparenting


A video of Ciara’s and Future’s son referring to Russell Wilson as “papa,” has Twitter debating the boundaries of step parenting.

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The family moment went down as Wilson’s bathroom haircut was streamed on Facebook Live Monday (July 11). Ciara is by his side and at one point the camera pans over to Baby Future.

Just like any other toddler, he wants to spread a little love through the room, by way of kisses.

In the video, Baby Future says “mama” before kissing Ciara, and then utters “papa kiss,” in reference to his new Wilson. “You’re so sweet,” says Wilson as he kisses the boy.

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Most would assume that the more love a child is surrounded by, the better off they will be, but others aren’t feeling the idea of Baby Future calling Wilson “papa” ( a title that could help him to distinguish between Wilson and his biological father, by the way).

Meanwhile, Ciara is getting side-eyes for being so public about her son’s relationship with his stepfather.

Being that she and Future are still going through custody drama, there’s lots of room for Twitter debate.

Hit the gallery for more reactions.

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