Judge Delays Jury Selection To Allow Make Up Artist To Cover Defendant’s Neo Nazi Tattoos

District Judge Richard Scotti delayed jury selection for 30 minutes so a courtroom make-up artist could cover up Bayzle Morgan’s neo- Nazi tattoos Monday. (July 25) The decision reportedly came after a previous jury admitted they wouldn’t be able to decide his case fairly due to several tattoos that cover his neck and head.

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Morgan, who in a separate case is facing murder, is accused of stealing a man’s motorcycle at gunpoint in the Las Vegas Valley in May of 2013. Using concealer, the make up artist covered up the 24-year-old’s iron cross on the back of his bald head, the words “Baby Nazi” written across the front of his neck and a swastika within a clover under his left eye.

A cosmetologist will cover Morgan’s tattoos daily so jurors won’t be swayed by his appearance, and the make up will be removed ¬†before Morgan returns to the¬† Clark County Detention Center.

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Morgan is reportedly going to trial next month where another judge will decide if his tattoo should be covered. Just days before the robbery arrest, Morgan is accused of breaking into a 75-year-old woman’s home and breaking a pistol trigger guard over her head before shooting her. Morgan faces the death penalty if convicted.