Birdman Might Face Legal Action From New York Designer Who Trademarked “Respek”


There’s some “disrespek” going around.

Shortly after Birdman’s “interview” with The Breakfast Club and his demand that Charlamagne The God “put some respek” on his name went viral, the rapper started plotting ways to monopolize on his new catchphrase. He not only released a single titled “Respek,” but also launched a clothing line of t-shirts, hats and hoodies bearing the phrase. Recently, Baby bragged that the clothing line has brought him “a couple hundred thousand” dollars in profits, but the emergence of a New York designer named JV might interrupt the cash flow.

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JV started his clothing line “This Respek Wear” back in 2005 and trademarked the word. He also produces shirts and hats featuring the phrase “Respek,” so it’s easy to imagine his surprise when the “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” rapper began to profit from the phrase. Reportedly, JV’s lawyer has sent paperwork over to Birdman’s lawyer requesting the two sit down for a conversation. There’s speculation that this conversation might ring to the tune of “pay me or I’ll sue you.”

JV has taken to Instagram to debunk rumors that he has beef with Birdman or is only looking for money. In a recent post, he insists that he only seeks validation for the hard work he has put in for his business and hints that he wouldn’t mind collaborating with Birdman.

Certain media outlets will always try and create “Beef”, im far from that. If it’s not positive vibes I don’t want anything to do with it, for me this lawsuit, this attention has nothing to do with money. It has EVERYTHING to do with me working a full 9-5 coming home and working until 5 am, building my brand from iron on t-shirts to canvas art. It has EVERYTHING to do with me staying the course, going through my ups and downs and staying true to myself during the process. It has EVERYTHING to do with believing in myself and the people in my circle that our mission is to not only uplift each other but to uplift those around us. So as much as I appreciate the TMZ articles etc they DO NOT tell the whole story and I don’t expect them to because at the end of the day THIS RESPEK is earned not given and I put that on my name 10 years ago. I’m hoping to turn this into something even more positive to show media outlets like TMZ and others that brothers @birdman5star Can work together to uplift and build which is the ultimate RESPEK. ?#?mystory?…..oh yeah ?#?WHATUPTHO?!!!! @allhiphopcom @thesource @hiphopdx @tmzlive

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However, other posts made by JV imply more shade than he’s owning up to.


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“The streets are talking” … #RESPEK #TRW #NOWAVES #Appreciatethepromo 👑

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