Birdman Reveals New Lugz Collaboration

Remember back in the day when you used to watch television and see Cash Money CEO Birdman sitting amongst a sea of all white Lugz? We remember that too. And we can’t forget the infamous, “B-r-r-r-r” at the end of the commercial as well.

Although that ad is now 11 years old, you can still find the Birdman Lugz at every major retailer. And now in 2016, he’s gearing up to release a new collection.

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On Thursday (July 7) Birdman posted a few photos of the new boots on Instagram. Along with the dope colorways, he captioned every photo with a few of his own unique hashtags.

View pictures of the boots below.

#exclusive #lugz #RESPEK

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#exclusive #lugz #CASHMONEYRICHGANG

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