VICELAND’s ‘Black Market’ Takes A Look At Lean With Soulja Boy

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A new show on VICELAND has captured the attention of many viewers every Tuesday night with its raw and educational insight into underground activities across the globe.

Starring famed actor Michael K. Williams, Black Market takes a deep look into the world of the illegal gun trade, the Garden State’s carjacking epidemic, and most recently, the usage of an opioid-based cough syrup, known as the main ingredient in a concoction called lean.

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In a preview clip, rapper Soulja Boy is part of the focus of the program, sharing why the addictive substance helps him in unlocking his innovative side. “Every time I drink, I got to work. It just calms you down, it does make you more creative,” he said. “And my music just starts going crazy. My numbers go five million views, seven million views because of the lean.”

The Promethazine/codeine-based cold medicine has been a mainstay in a few users’ daily routines, becoming a lifestyle that’s prompted health scares.

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Watch a sneak peek below and catch the full episode Tuesday (July 26) at 10 p.m. on VICELAND.

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