Cavalier Celebrates The Rich Culture Of New Orleans In “Bywater Blue” Video

Merely days following the 2016 Essence Festival, it looks like the celebration of New Orleans and its contributions to music, the arts and black culture continues with Cavalier’s rich music video, “Bywater Blue.”

Cavalier’s flow listens like a spoken word piece, poetic and impactful on particular words or phrases. Additionally, the Iman Omari-produced video rests on exceptional visuals from the gritty streets of NOLA to the more vibrant images of religious ceremonies and extravagant parades. In addition to creating interesting images, the two-minute video also discusses social issues such as gentrification in the originally diverse community. “But don’t buy dreams, can’t buy a full night’s sleep with that/Nowadays gentrification means stay away from Malcolm X/And that be the name of the street/Anyway why bother to demonstrate,” he raps while cutting to images of different generations from young teens to senior citizens.

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Cavalier also manages to reference Hurricane Katrina, the natural disaster that resulted in the city’s turmoil and the destruction of so many people’s lives. “Before my levees break out the huddle let’s break the struggle on three/ We’ve been out here too long, I got brothers to keep, Lord.”

Check out the music video for Cavalier’s “Bywater Blue” below.