Charlamagne Tha God Crowns Kanye West “Donkey Of The Day” After Taylor Swift Feud

Just in case you didn’t hear, last night (July 17), the wife of Pablo, Kim Kardashian released Snapchat videos of Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s phone conversation giving her approval of the lyrics to his song, “Famous.”

From the looks of the Twitter slander from fans (and some celebrities) it seemed as though there was no way Swift could talk her way out of the sticky situation. However, Power 105.1 ‘s Charlamagne Tha God had a little trouble deciding who to name “Donkey Of The Day”- Taylor for her possible lie or Kim for her marketing of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (last night’s episode was all about the Kanye/Taylor feud).

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“I know court of public opinion has already found Taylor Swift guilty, but there’s so many holes in this case,” he said on the show early Monday morning (Jul. 18). “In the video that Kim K posted on Snapchat…that line wasn’t in there,” he argued. “She [Taylor] didn’t know about that ‘I made that b*tch famous’ line, and if she did, why wouldn’t Kim post that on Snapchat?”

Conflicted after seeing both sides of the story, he took to Twitter to ask his followers who should have the crown this week, but it seems like he decided who on his own.

“No way in hell should a hip hop star be on the phone with a pop star asking for approval of lyrics. Eminem would never,” he tweeted of Mr. West’s actions after he was crowed “Donkey Of The Day.” In the video, Kanye said that he had a responsibility as a friend of Taylor’s to tell her about the line, to which she thanked him.

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