Activist Arrested For Holding Sage At Trump Protest

Josie Valadez Fraire, 22, is a Chicana activist who attended a Trump protest outside of the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on the eve of Independence Day weekend (July 1). Approximately two hours after holding sage—used by millions of indigenous peoples in spiritual practices, often to ward of evil—she was forcefully hauled off in cuffs.

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“They were very nasty,” she said. “A woman of color said, ‘It stinks like you do. It stinks like your ugly face.’ Trump supporters were trying to intimidate us – several of them were arrogantly just walking through the crowd (of protesters).”

Fraire ended up being taken behind a nearby Sheriff’s van, according to Indian Country Today, where officers snapped her mug shot and issued her a ticket for disobeying a lawful order.

“There is nothing for me to put out,” Fraire tried to explain earlier to the officer. “Ma’am, there is no active fire here.”

“This is against my rights,” she added. “I am practicing my spirituality. There’s no reason for a ticket.”

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The University of Colorado Boulder graduate plans to fight her case in court on the morning of Aug. 1. See a personal message from Fraire released on YouTube over the weekend, below.