Chris Brown’s Nightmare Is Leaving A Relationship “Broke”


If there’s one thing Chris Brown wants to leave his romantic relationships with, it’s all the commas in his bank account. Though, we know he can be sucker for love, the R&B star doesn’t play when it comes to his coins. In his latest video, Chris croons away — and spits a rap about making sure he never goes broke over a woman.

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When asked about how he balances making both R&B and rap songs, Breezy gave a lengthy explanation on how he manages to maneuver between the genres with ease.

“It’s easy: fearlessness. It’s not arrogance; it’s fearlessness,” Chris Brown told Urban Ink back in April. “People dog themselves before they give themselves an opportunity to fail. So I think they let other people’s insecurities bring their doubts down.”

“I don’t let that stop anything I’m doing. It’s never worked out for me in the past, so I think that listening to myself and focusing on what I needed to do puts me in that category. So if I wanted to rap or if I wanted to yodel, I think I would have just done it anyway with the confidence of me saying, “I’m gonna do it.” People usually have a lack of confidence due to insecurities. Once again, it’s not arrogance. It’s just being very aware and fearless of doing things or willing to try.”

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