Christianee Porter’s Viral “Ms. Shirleen” Videos Are Comedic Gold

With the unjust killing of five police officers in Dallas, Texas along with the deaths of several black men at the hands of law enforcement, America has been in a constant state of frustration, fear and sadness. And while many look for a way to cope, Christianee Porter’s “Ms. Shirleen” video have become the real life LOLs we all so desperately need.

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When transforming into Ms. Shirleen, the Little Rock, AR., native dons a black wig, pearls, usually a calf or knee length dress and a pair of white shoes straight out of your grandmother’s closet.

When Shirleen isn’t preaching to the youth about the dangers of waist training, she’s attempting to save her nephew’s relationship by purchasing his musty fiancee some bras, deodorant and fragrances.

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For Porter’s hilarious videos, the Internet has responded with an over abundance of thank yous, and the go-to-crying laughter face emoji.

If you’re in the mood to laugh, check out Ms. Shirleen bust a wicked two step below.