Coco And Breezy Provide Tasty Styles To Hershey’s First Eyewear Collaboration

Black girl magic couldn’t be any sweeter now that Corianna (“Coco”) and Brianna (“Breezy”) Dotson have teamed up with Hershey’s for one memorable eyewear line.

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The fashionistas linked up with the company to produce its first eyewear collection. Launched Friday (July 15), the collaboration features bold colors with wide and sleek frames. The collections are split into two; “Twizzlers” share red latex-like looks while “Jolly Ranchers” provide sweet blue hints.

The shades will retail for $230-$310 at Hershey’s World, Specs New York, Milly and the designers’ site. In a press release, the ladies share how their youth played a big part into their geometrical looks. “These designs are inspired by our childhood. Sharing things — always in half — was a real way we built the bond we have. A small amount of sugar meant something deep.” Hershey’s Ernie Savo also shared his excitement about the company’s latest move to fashion.

“We are delighted to work with Coco and Breezy in this exciting collaboration,” Savo said. “We look forward to work with them to bring our iconic brands to life.

Take a look at the unique collection above.

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