David Banner Believes America “Completely Turned Its Back On Black People” Following Freddie Gray Decision

When it comes to issues facing Black America, David Banner refuses to spare his voice. The rapper/activist launched “The God Box” series to take his views on the state of the black community on tour this year. Now, the Black Lives Matter advocate is speaking out against the judicial system after news broke that all charges in the Freddie Gray case were dropped today (July 27).

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“In the case of Freddie Gray, America has clearly shown that it has completely turned its back on Black people,” Banner said reports The Boombox. “Apparently, the laws are not the same for the Police. We lose our lives; they get paid vacation. What are Black people to do about it is a better question!”

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who charged six Baltimore officers with offenses ranging from misconduct in office to second-degree depraved-heart murder in the case, told The Baltimore Sun that her decision to end the prosecution was difficult to make. “It’s something that I’ve been grappling with for some time,” she said although she revealed that she is standing by the medical examiner’s report that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide.

As cases of police brutality continue to be dismissed throughout the nation, a long list of celebrities have joined Banner in using their influence to speak up about cases like Freddie Gray’s that have left more questions than answers.

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