David Banner And Lyfe Jennings Get Into Ardent Debate At #BLM Rally In Atlanta

Many notable figures in sports, entertainment and music are placing their hands-off-approach to the side and speaking out due in part the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. During a Black Lives Matter rally in Atlanta Tuesday (July 12) singer-songwriter Lyfe Jennings and rapper activist David Banner were on a panel discussing the state of African-Americans, when things between the two soon reached a fever pitch.

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Although the clip, which was captured by Atlanta’s WSBTV, begins in the middle of Jennings speaking, Jennings can be heard telling Banner his suggestion–whatever it was–sounded “crazy.”

“You sound crazy,” 38-year-old Jennings said. “I’m going to tell you, you sound crazy. What we’re going through is crazy but we’re not going to create more by telling these people to bring guns against the police. That’s stupid! That’s stupid!” It was at this point both Banner and Jennings stood up from their seats, separated by Tyrese who was on hand to act as a moderator for the event.

“What y’all not ‘gon do is stand up while my daughter is here,” Tyrese said cooling down the fiery situation. “That ain’t happening.”

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Banner later took to Twitter to state its okay for people to disagree, but as a community he thinks having camera crews during the meeting did more harm than good.



Jennings all hopped on social media following the panel discussion to claim despite a difference of opinion, he has nothing but respect for his Mississippi brother.