On His New Song, Denmark Vessey Offers A Different Form Of Action In Wake Of Tragedy

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In the wake of Alton Sterling’s tragic death, reportedly the 558th African American to die at the hand of police, it’s getting difficult for many to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While many have provided their plans of action in ending the brutality against the black community, rapper Denmark Vessey offers a peaceful approach on his new single, “Think Happy Thoughts,” that may be of great service to those who are growing discouraged.

Denmark presents a number of powerful visuals both old and new, that reference the Black Lives Matter movement, the current political election, and other historic events. The nearly three-minute video cuts from serene images of the Detroit rapper mediating and sitting in his personal space to archives from the Civil Rights Movement and breaking news clips from the Flint Water Crisis and the killing of Freddie Gray. While these visuals are undoubtedly disturbing, he prompts people to “think happy thoughts.”  “I ran a cool cool breeze whistling in still air Whispering ‘Shhh… it’s okay’/But it ain’t okay, no it ain’t okay/ Sometimes, when your face come across my mind I try to,” the bridge sings over folk instrumentals.

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And even when things go wrong, Denmark insists that you should be positive. “When that bullsh** just cross your mind/ sometimes it cross your mind Punk a** bullsh** just cross your mind/ sometimes it cross your mind/ When that bullsh** just cross your mind, sometimes it cross your mind/ Punk a** bullsh**,” he repeats.

The video pans out as the rapper is seen meditating in front of a mountainous terrain and beautiful sunset. As Denmark notes, things are definitely not okay, but it can’t hurt to lift your spirits by thinking happy thoughts. Check out Denmark Vessey’s video for “Think Happy Thoughts” below.