Dinesh D’Souza Using Haitian Suffering As Pawn To Take Down Hillary Clinton?

In Hillary’s America: The Secret History Of The Democratic Party, a new book by political commentator Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative author aims to destroy presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s political career by slamming her and husband’s involvement in the rebuilding of Haiti, according to the National Review.

In an excerpt of the book, D’Souza goes in on the political power couple, stating that projects initiated by the two did not result in employment and stable housing, but increased political instability in the country.

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“The Haitian protesters noticed an interesting pattern involving the Clintons and the designation of how aid funds were used. They observed that a number of companies that received contracts in Haiti happened to be entities that made large donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Haitian contracts appeared less tailored to the needs of Haiti than to the needs of the companies that were performing the services. In sum, Haitian deals appeared to be a quid pro quo for filling the coffers of the Clintons.”

Without a doubt, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s involvement in Haiti is most certainly worth condemning. Their own political involvement with the country began in 1994 when Bill deployed 20,000 troops to the island, after Jean Bertrand Aristide’s ousting, and later, detrimental trade policies. Dahoud Andre, a radio journalist in New York, who has protested against the pair’s involvement on the island was quoted, stating, “A vote for Hillary Clinton means further corruption, further death and destruction for our people. It means more Haitians leaving Haiti and not being able to live in our country.”

After the 2010 earthquake, “many people in the impoverished Caribbean country continue to hold Hillary Clinton’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation responsible for a recovery effort that cost billions for what is widely perceived to be little return… that the Clintons have been a target of protesters in Port-au-Prince, who claim earthquake aid money was mismanaged and lucrative deals went to Clinton cronies,” according to Caribbean 360.

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The Caracol Industrial Park, a project that was backed by the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, caused hundreds of farmers to be evicted from their land during the project’s construction and didn’t deliver many jobs that were guaranteed to Haitians. What D’Souza fails to mention is that former Republican President George W. Bush was also involved in raising relief funds for Haiti. In 2010, Bush, along with Bill Clinton, founded the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund, which was to provide “immediate relief and long-term support” after the earthquake. The relief fund was championed by commentators of both parties. One has to wonder why D’Souza is choosing to condemn the Clintons for their efforts now during a political year, instead of when the organization was active six years ago.