DJ Drama Explains How He Ignited The Drake-Meek Mill Beef By Accident

DJ Drama spoke with Hot 97 on Tuesday (July 12), and put his final word on the Drake/Meek Mill feud he was stuck in the middle of. “I’ma say this then we’re gonna leave it,” he told the hosts. “We’re gonna put it to rest.”

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“My involvement in the situation was the fact that [Meek] thought he was getting dissed.” The Philly native is referencing a line from the Drake-featured track “R.I.C.O.”  in which the OVO rapper said, “The girl of your dreams to me is probably not a challenge.”


Meek took it personal since he thought Drizzy was referencing Nicki Minaj, since she’s a very good friend of the Toronto native. Drama said to the radio station, “I was like, ‘Bro, he’s not dissing you. He’s not dissing you, those weren’t technically his bars.'” Signifying Drake didn’t even write his own lyrics for that track, Meek then took it to the next level where the situation escalated, calling Drake out on Twitter for having a ghostwriter, Quentin Miller.

The 38-year-old DJ’s ex-wife also took to Twitter alleging that Drama gave Meek the tracks to reference. Drama repeatedly denied the claims made by her.

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“I was gonna tell y’all go ask Flex where he got the records from,” Drama said. “He didn’t get ’em from me. Go ask Meek where he got the records from. He didn’t get ’em from me. I definitely wouldn’t have did that. It goes against my business. It goes against my ethics. I had a conversation with my man about something and from there it just blew out of proportion.”

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“I never felt like it was necessarily my place or my story to tell,” he says. “That was between those guys. Clearly, my name got thrown in the mix, so I was put in an awkward position. Outside of that, that’s it.”

Quality Music 2 is on the way, watch the entire interview below.