DJ Khaled Outlines His Fictitious Campaign If He Ran For President

The ever so quotable DJ Khaled is the jack of all trades and the master of ALL trades.

Khaled has his hands in Music (Apple Beats 1 Radio, We The Best Music Group), Social media (Snapchat), Spirits (Ciroc, Belaire), and he even has sponsorship deals with T-Mobile, Stride Gum, and Silk Milk. He clearly has a knack for aligning himself with things that he has a direct connection with but could he possibly be taking his motivational quotes and jet-setting motives to The White House?

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On Friday (July 22), Khaled spoke with Brown and Scoop  on a variety of topics ranging from Snapchat, his new baby boy and album, “Major Key.” Yet when asked about what would be the first thing he would do if he were to become president, he responded in true Khaled fashion.

“First thing I would do is start a campaign, really, it shouldn’t be called a campaign it should be called a life lesson, it’s to let everybody know, clearly, love is the key and love is the answer. When you put out love, you receive love.” Khaled said. “Of course you’re going to go through road blocks and trials and tribulations but we have to put more love out there and pray more and unify and come together because love is the key to everything.”

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Khaled certainly had a change a heart compared to his comments in January when he told Us Weekly he would vote for West if he ran for office in 2020. Khaled sounds like he has a clear stance on America’s police brutality issue and thinks the solution is love.

“I know it’s hard especially when we see what’s going on because it’s disgusting. It hurts my heart, it brought tears to me the other day, I can’t believe what’s going on but that’s when we got to pray more and come together and hug each other and help each other and bring joy and energy around because, like, smile and love are so powerful it actually blocks the hatred,” he says.