DJ Khaled Shows A Disabled Fan Some Love In More Ways Than One


DJ Khaled is out promoting his Major Key album (July 29), and finally got a chance to meet one of his greatest fans of all time.

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Christopher Alvarez has been a huge supporter of Khaled, and despite suffering from thanatophoric dysplasia, he still made his way out to go support the rapper on his business endeavor. Khaled was very appreciative of his love, and reciprocated that feeling. According to TMZ, Khaled gave him his chain, his personal phone number, and agreed to meet with him one on one at one of his pop up stores on Thursday (July 28).

Due to his severe skeletal illness, Christopher was told by doctors that he wouldn’t make it past the age of 5. Christopher is now a strong, smart 18-year-old, who was granted valedictorian of his high school class. He has dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, and has already began conducting one-on-one interviews with some of the biggest celebrities in the game.

His story moved Khaled, as he now looks up to Christopher as a true inspiration. Look out for Christopher Alvarez, as he’s currently blowing up on social media and perfecting his craft as a reporter.

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@theywantca it was nice meeting u and thank u for so much luv!! Thank u for supporting me !! Fan luv!! I luv u!!! Enjoy your we the best chain!! U r a WINNER !! Keep winning more !!!!! U r a young 👑!!! Bless up!! I love your story! It’s so inspiring !!!!!!!! Four years ago, when Chris Alvarez started ninth grade at the Henry Viscardi School, he already had his sights set on becoming high school valedictorian. “People underestimate me,” said Alvarez, 18. “Doctors told me I would die at age 5, but I’m still here. I want to continue to show people that they shouldn’t underestimate me because of my disability.” At age 2, he was diagnosed with thanatophoric dysplasia Type 2, a severe condition causing skeletal underdevelopment in the chest, rib cage and limbs. He uses a wheelchair and breathes through a ventilator at all times to supply air to his lungs, which are also underdeveloped. Alvarez has lived longer than expected for people with this condition, and out of the six people in the world with this disorder, he is the second oldest. He has been accepted at Adelphi University and will begin taking classes in the fall as a communications major and a student in the College Science Advancement Program. He has also been named as a finalist for a talent scholarship through Adelphi’s Department of Communications. Alvarez said he dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist, and at a young age he has already had significant experience in the field. Through an internship with a Spanish television channel, Alvarez has interviewed dozens of celebrities, many from the Hispanic community. Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin, Selena Gomez, Enrique Iglesias and Maroon 5 are among those Alvarez has interviewed. 🙏🏽

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