Dear Mama: Drakes Shares Throwback ‘IOU’ Letter He Wrote To His Mom

Before it was polos and backpacks, Drake was apparently addicted to eBay. During a trip down memory, the chart-topping recording artist came across an old letter he penned to his mother in 2006 apologizing for going a little too crazy on an eBay shopping spree.

“I have canceled my Wireimage subscription due to my eBay charges more than I had planned,” he wrote in the letter he shared on Instagram. “Please know that you will be reimbursed fully through several methods and or means of payment.” At least Drizzy intended to pay her back. The rapper also thanked his mom for her continued support. “Thanks for temporarily funding my music and wardrobe,” he concluded the note.

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Man have things changed since then. Clearly, Drake has replaced eBay shopping with high scale clothing brands, but he’s also not in the same position he was in career wise either. In ’06, Drake was wrapping up his acting career on the hit Canadian series, Degrassi, where he played the character Jimmy. He was also embarking on his rap career, releasing a couple of mixtapes, but not gaining too much attention just yet.

Nearly a decade later, things are definitely looking up. Now, Drake is regarded as one of the highest paid artists in hip hop and can definitely splurge on eBay if he wanted to. “Def come a long way and it’s safe to say I most likely settled this debt. #NothingWithoutMyMom #IProbablyBoughtSomeEvisuJeans,” Drake captioned the image. And we’re guessing the rapper probably came through on reimbursing his mom, and with interest too. 

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Check out the throwback letter below.

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