‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Recruits Cuban Actress Danay Garcia

AMC’s hit show Fear the Walking Dead is creeping its way to Tijuana, Mexico, and it’s bringing with it a new member. Cuban actress Danay Garcia has been cast in the second half of Season 2 as Luciana, a “badass soldier” from a community near Tijuana. Garcia took part in her first Comic-Con panel last Friday (July 22), with other cast members to discuss her new role and her experience on set.

“It happened so fast,” she said about her initiation into the zombie fest. “I got the job on a Wednesday. I was in Mexico on Friday. I was on set on Monday.”

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Nick, played by Frank Dillane, will stumble across Luciana on his “spiritual” journey to Tijuana where, according to executive producer Dave Erickson, he “meets a group of people who don’t see the dead as a bad thing necessarily.”

“She’s testing him” shared Garcia. “He’s the foreigner, [and] this is my land.”

The second half of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere Aug. 21.

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