Fetty Wap Retracts His ‘All Lives Matter’ Tweet: ‘I’m Man Enough To Apologize’


Fetty Wap was the latest celebrity to receive a severe clapback from Black Twitter on Thursday (July 7). Mr. 1738 joined in on the social commentary heightened by the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, but the Internet wasn’t too pleased with his contribution.

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“My kids are Mixed…#AllLivesMatter,” the rapper wrote in a deleted tweet, welcoming a swarm of backlash in his mentions.

Fetty has since taken to Instagram to apologize for his failure to understand the complexity of the Black Lives Matter movement and vowed not to speak on the matter again. “I’m man enough to apologize,” he wrote. 

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Leave it to Black Twitter to remind the masses to stay woke.

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